VisionArt Galleries was ranked for a small number of phrases and rarely on the first page. Potential customers were regularly searching for products like theirs online, but VisionArt Galleries did not appear in the top rankings so those customers were going to the competitors. VisionArt Galleries sought an effective online marketing strategy that would deliver results and ROI.


VisionArt Galleries hired Search Optimizers to launch a long-term SEO campaign based around high-value keyword phrases that, when used, would indicate an online searcher had a high probability of purchasing. Guided by Search Optimizers' keyword phrase selection team's proprietary processes and programs, the client selected 6 keyword phrases (known as Focus Phrases) at the intersection of visibility, attainability and probability of conversion (known as "buying phrases"). Using these Focus Phrases, Search Optimizers began a carefully-managed campaign, steadily building the client's search engine credibility.


As the rankings increased, Search Optimizers used its proprietary Halo Phrase Program to steadily attack additional keyword phrases related to the Focus Phrases. Over a 20-month period, Search Optimizers grew VisionArt Galleries' total number of rankings in the first three pages of Google results from 9 to 162, keyword phrases for which the client appears on the first page of results from 2 to 127 and rankings for the highly competitive top 3 positions from 1 to 82. Their visibility according to Google's search count estimates (Total Google Visibility - see below) has, accordingly, risen dramatically.

“With SO, I see higher rankings every month! We've also experienced more phone calls, which means more business. SEO is paying for itself and allowing us to reach a broader audience.”

Lyndsey, VisionArt Galleries

Total Google Visibility (TGV) is calculated by adding up the monthly search counts (Google, Phrase Match) for all keywords that the website is ranked on page-1 for in Google. This provides an estimate of the number of searchers who see the client’s website in the search results each month.

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