Verify had plenty of general market visibility in the Aerospace and Defense Inspection Services industry. They wanted to expand into other verticals, but were not having luck doing so on their own. Due to their strict security requirements, complex website framework and industry, they needed to use only in-house or professional, high-caliber services. Verify’s director of marketing enrolled in a professional marketing class at the University of California at Irvine and was so impressed by one of the instructors, Search Optimizers’ founder and president Steve Kinney, that she inquired about purchasing their SEO service.


Search Optimizers used proprietary tools to research and identify relevant keyword phrases buyers in other verticals were using to find like competitors. Search Optimizers began optimizing those new, valuable phrases while successfully meeting the stringent security requirements of Verify’s web team.


After only six months of service, Verify landed a 6-figure contract directly resulting from a keyword that Search Optimizers uncovered in the initial keyword phrase research process. They have seen a steady increase in rankings and visibility through their service, reaching 95 top-3 rankings, 125 top-30 positions and an estimated 800,000+ opportunities for clicks by June 2013.

“We closed a major contract in a diversified industry we have never served before. The client stated that they found us using a major keyword on Google that Search Optimizers suggested to us in the optimization set up process. This new client will generate enough income to pay for our search engine optimization services for many months to come”

Erin, Verify Inc.

Total Google Visibility (TGV) is calculated by adding up the monthly search counts (Google, Phrase Match) for all keywords that the website is ranked on page-1 for in Google. This provides an estimate of the number of searchers who see the client’s website in the search results each month.

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