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SMPL Solutions had been burned by SEO companies before. They knew the vast importance of visibility in search engine organic results, but could not find a reliable and reputable high-end service. Most of their clients find them online and they simply needed a higher volume of qualified leads for their high profit margin service. Despite their careful searching, other SEO companies failed them time and time again.


After doing substantial research on Search Optimizers' reputation and results, SMPL Solutions signed up for service. Search Optimizers guided SMPL Solutions through its thorough and detailed keyword selection process, uncovering keywords that were both valuable and achievable. The campaign took off beautifully, with SMPL Solutions gaining 70 new rankings in the first 60 days.

New Problem

A large Google algorithm change wiped out 50% of those rankings almost overnight, seeming to be a replay of SMPL Solutions' past SEO experiences.


Search Optimizers closely tracks all keyword rankings and responds to drops before most site owners even know a major algorithm change happened. Search Optimizers' large (300+) client base allows them to test out strategies and to reverse-engineer the changes when drops occur. Their 16 years of experience and numerous proprietary tools means they can effectively manage the ever-shifting organic search landscape.


Search Optimizers diligently continued their optimization and steadily recovered the lost rankings. Within 90 days, the rankings had recovered fully and continued to sustain and grow through the next quarter of service. SMPL Solutions regained their hard-won visibility and is now even more confident that they've selected a knowledgeable, high-end SEO company that can respond to Google's ever-increasing sophistication without missing a beat.

“Our rankings came quickly and within 60 days we had over 70 phrases in the top 30. Unfortunately, at the 60 day mark, our rankings dipped by 50% due to an algorithm change. SO diligently fought back to recover all of our rankings which have been stable now for over 60 days. We are very happy with the results.”

Gianna, SMPL Solutions

Total Google Visibility (TGV) is calculated by adding up the monthly search counts (Google, Phrase Match) for all keywords that the website is ranked on page-1 for in Google. This provides an estimate of the number of searchers who see the client’s website in the search results each month.

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