We are holistic

To come up with the best SEO campaign possible, we carefully review your business as well as your current marketing strategies. Our objective is to help you become ranked for phrases where you offer the best solution, while staying completely in alignment with the search engines' goals.

We are approachable

We love diversity and currently serve over 300 companies which have come to us from an array of industries. So, whether you're beginning your very first SEO campaign or are a top-level marketing strategist, we have the experience and tools necessary to meet your needs.

We make it easy

We are a turn-key service that requires a minimal amount of your time.
You take care of business and we take care of your SEO!

We are a piece of the puzzle

SEO is not the tail that wags the dog, rather, SEO is a central piece affecting your overall marketing strategy.

We offer two plans, National and Local, to suit the nature of your particular business.


Our national plan targets six core competitive Focus Phrases, which are chosen in consultation with our Keyword Phrase Expert Team—using proprietary tools, research and recommendations—to cover your most profitable areas of business. Our accompanying Halo Phrase program will build out your core six phrases with dozens of derivative and related phrases and eventually hundreds to thousands of phrases at no additional charge.


Our 6x6 plan is designed for smaller, locale-specific businesses. This plan involves selecting six phrases and six locations with our Keyword Phrase Expert Team for a targeted 36-phrase combination (optimized over time) and, eventually, hundreds to thousands of related Halo Phrases at no additional charge.

Ongoing Services

Both national and local packages include the following ongoing services:

  • Analysis, market research and recommendations leading to the focused optimization of the most strategic keyword phrases at that point in time
  • Design and implement a unique strategy for each keyword phrase
  • Continually target more phrases to leverage the momentum achieved from previous phrases
  • Constant monitoring of recurring changes in search engine algorithms
  • Manual and programmatic response to changing algorithms for all major search engines
  • Deliver monthly search engine ranking report for keyword phrases (both focus and halo phrases)
  • Quarterly telephone consultation

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