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Our team knows how to move the needle quickly and get repeatable ranking results for your clients. Quality rankings translate into quality leads.

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“You know your SEO is working when someone woke up this morning and didn’t know you existed, then did a search and found that you were the solution to their problem.” Steve Kinney, President

SEO Service Details

In-depth Keyword Research
and Theme Identification

Success starts by determining the right keyword theme strategy. Using a proprietary process, we optimize for keyword themes rather than individual phrases for better results.


Our team makes weekly, customized, strategic optimizations to areas such as metadata, page titles, indexing code, content, blogs, images, videos, and GMB listings.


We systematically analyze your entire website to identify leverage points, determine our cadence of optimization, align content with keyword themes, and prioritize.

Google My Business

We know how to leverage GMB listings for SEO. We ensure your listing is verified properly and then optimize regularly for lead generation purposes.

Monitoring &

We monitor algorithm changes, rankings and traffic to ensure healthy progression. We continually adjust our work based on data results and algorithm updates.

Progression Reports

We report monthly on progression of rankings and organic traffic. We hold a quarterly call to review in-depth ranking phrases, traffic quantity and traffic quality progressions.

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Turnkey Service

Our team executes the technical SEO on the backend of the website quietly without interference to your programming or marketing. Our SEO work will not conflict with any PPC, social media, or other online marketing initiatives you have underway. As a stand-alone service, incorporating our team with yours is easy!

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Partner Pricing

We keep our price point as low as possible by employing highly-optimized, data-driven processes and by selling through fractional CMOs & CSOs only (not direct). Most agencies charge $1,500 plus a month for SEO. We charge a fraction of that and get better results! (We stand behind this statement). We ensure every dollar of your SEO budget is spent on the most impactful activities.

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Why Outsource SEO

SEO is the most outsourced of all of the marketing disciplines because of its complexity and what is at stake. Marketing Professionals know that effective high-end SEO can make the difference between a business succeeding or failing. Since small and medium sized businesses often can’t afford to hire a full-time SEO specialist, outsourcing to a dedicated team for a fraction of the cost often makes the most sense.

What is High-End SEO?

High-End SEO (search engine optimization) is the weekly optimization of the technical backend of a website by making strategic, iterative changes that bring your website into alignment with the algorithms. Quality high-end SEO yields repeatable, scalable results. A majority of SEO services on the market today offer only “search engine friendly” SEO, which usually yields inconsistent and insignificant results. High-End SEO is different - it’s the solution to organic lead generation problems.

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