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Recreational Solutions is an innovative software service founded by some "athletic geeks" who used their firsthand experience to create a new software program for athletic/recreation departments and companies. One founder, a tech-savvy web designer and marketer, knew directly that true high-end search engine optimization is both complex and time-consuming. As a business owner, he faced the difficulties of high demands of his time while developing a cost-effective and consistent lead-generation system on a small business budget.


Recreational Solutions discovered Search Optimizers' high-end SEO service and quickly decided to begin service. Since Search Optimizers is priced specifically for small business needs, Recreational Solutions opted to use SEO as their chief lead-generation activity. Search Optimizers began the comprehensive keyword phrase selection process to help Recreational Solutions discover the right keywords to maximize both new leads and conversion rates.


Recreational Solutions counts on Search Optimizers to deliver consistent results and to report monthly on the progress of their targeted keyword phrases. They have reached 100 rankings on the first page of Google and continue to grow. In order to capture additional long-tail phrase sales, Recreational Solutions and Search Optimizers have recently begun targeting phrases that describe alternate uses for the software, as well.

“You guys have done a great job with SEO for the business I co-own. You are our only form of marketing other than a yearly conference.”

Miguel at Recreational Solutions

Total Google Visibility (TGV) is calculated by adding up the monthly search counts (Google, Phrase Match) for all keywords that the website is ranked on page-1 for in Google. This provides an estimate of the number of searchers who see the client’s website in the search results each month.

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