SEO Partnership

We want to help you grow your business and close more deals by providing valuable assessments, even if SEO isn’t on the table yet!

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What we mean by partnership

Let us do some of the heavy lifting by doing the research found in our SEO Website Assessments that you can then use to create better proposals and stand out amongst your competition. We save you time and provide expert insights in the pre-engagement mode.

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How we help close deals

Our free, unbranded SEO Website Assessment can be incorporate into your proposal to give baseline data and actionable insights for your prospect. We are frequently told that our assessment gave our partner the leverage to win the deal over their competitors.

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Why we do this

We believe our combined expertise (yours and ours) achieves better results than working independently, which is why we partner with the best marketing professionals. In fact, we do not sell direct because we prefer clients who have a marketing professional at the helm.

FREE ASSESSMENTS - Tools to Help Marketers Win Business

SEO Website Assessment

SEO Website Assessment

Our free SEO Website Assessment provides insightful and actionable information that, when included in your proposal, will impress your prospect and differentiate you from your competitors. These customized reports help you draft better proposals and improve your marketing strategy...even if SEO is not the next step for your client. It’s easy to request, all we need is the URL! Ask for as many as you would like. You’ll gain insights on:

  • What lead generation phrases are ranking
  • How many leads the website generated in the last 30 days
  • Recommended next steps, even if not SEO
SEO competitive assessment

SEO Competitive Assessment

This more in-depth, customized assessment is free for your clients who are SEO-budget-ready. We analyze the top competitors to glean information that can be used to validate your strategy, build content, and gain a competitive advantage. Learn how your client's lead generation stacks up to the competition and what opportunities exist in the market. We use a specialized interviewing methodology with your client and proprietary research to deliver:

  • How your clients rate relative to their competitors
  • Strengths and weaknesses for each
  • A list of 100s to 1,000s of phrases being searched, related to your client's products/services
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Google Analytics Consulting

We are experts in analytics. We teach partners for free how to use analytics to: deliver better proposals and get a foot in the door with your prospects, gain follow-on business, and keep an eye on your clients' KPIs. Our one-on-one training can include:

  • Tour of the basics and common uses
  • Dashboard setup to measure key metrics
  • Analytics analysis for health checks

As a Fractional CMO, You’re in the Lead

If you were the CMO at a large company, you would have a team supporting your business development and delivery efforts. We see ourselves as part of your virtual team. We want you to depend on us to help land deals, deliver top results, and protect the relationship with your client. Clients depend on you to define and implement a marketing strategy. You are in the lead, and we are here to help execute!

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