Getting Started

Our process is to first determine if implementing SEO will improve your client’s lead generation and bring ROI.

Our pre-sales SEO Competitive Assessment will clarify (for us and you) how significant results could be if high-end SEO was employed. 

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the process of getting started

Will SEO Bring You ROI?

The purpose of doing SEO is to increase sales. One differentiator in our pre-sales process is our SEO Competitive Assessment that will identify the ROI potential. It will identify hundreds or thousands of phrases that people are searching on relating to your products and services. At a minimum, the data will be useful in your marketing efforts. Ideally, it will identify significant opportunities where high-end SEO could become your biggest and best lead generation strategy. The data tells the story!

our approach to SEO

Starting SEO

Once it's determined that SEO will bring ROI and a contract is signed, our team will build a customized keyword theme strategy.  A good keyword theme should satisfy three requirements:

  1. The phrases contained in that theme must be sufficiently searched
  2. Your website’s current Search Engine Credibility must be high enough to compete
  3. There needs to be a significant number of “buying phrases”

Our team will perform research to identify themes that meet the first two requirements. We will want your help to verify the third requirement. Once we all agree upon the keyword theme strategy, our optimization begins. Our review of unsuccessful SEO campaigns by other vendors revealed that the most common reason for failure was not satisfying these requirements properly.

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Weekly Optimization

Each week our team makes customized optimizations to areas such as metadata, page titles, indexing code, evergreen content, blogs, images, videos, and your "Google My Business" listing. We custom choose for each website the areas we will update weekly with the following goals:

  • A regular “heartbeat” of changes that both are iterative and incremental, but do not trigger over optimization penalties.
  • A focus on specific goals such as one theme, so as to have the greatest measurable impact
  • We use a try-measure-adjust approach to ensure we are reacting to not just what we think will happen, but what actually does.
what to expect

What You Can Expect

Clients typically see the following progression  over the first 3-6 months:

Increase in rankingsIncrease in organic trafficIncrease in quality of organic trafficIncrease in leads

Once you are seeing an increase in leads, measure the results of those leads compared to other forms of paid lead generation. It is very common that leads from SEO:

  • Turn quicker to sale
  • Require less discounting to close
  • Have the lowest cost per sale
initial setup of keywords

Our Reporting to You

We strive to spend 80% of our time on doing the SEO work that gets the results, and 20% of our time on delivering reports and answering client questions.  Our time is optimized to get the best results possible for each dollar spent.  As a turnkey service, we have optimized by:

  • Sending monthly reports to show you changes in rankings, improvements in organic traffic, and overall progression.
  • Holding a 20-30 minute quarterly call with you to go over not only the results we are seeing, but also to learn what you are seeing from the leads and sales so we can adjust accordingly.