Why do we offer a FREE Analysis?
We have to be the right fit.

Is SEO really right for you?
We're invested to find out before you shell out one dollar.

Here's how:

Information Gathering:

Our specialized interviewing methodology is an eye-opener; you will gain insight. The discoveries made during our initial steps are valuable to companies, often leading them to make solid data-based strategy changes regardless of whether or not SEO is the next right step.

  • Our "no obligation, free analysis" begins with a 20-30 minute interview.
  • The interview provides us with enough information about your business to do detailed research.
  • From the thousands of phrases people use to search every day, we will select 50 to 200 of the most strategic phrases relating to your product and service.
  • Within 3-4 business days, we provide you with a detailed analysis highlighting:
    • the 50 to 200 most frequently searched phrases related to your product and services
    • monthly search counts for each
    • rankings in each of the major search engines
    • an analysis of your competitors that shows the phrases they are targeting and rankings for each

Analysis Presentation:

During the presentation, we explain the results of our analysis, determine if SEO is the right next step for your business and then deliver a proposal based on our conclusions.

If the FREE Analysis shows we are a good fit and you are excited to start working with us, then:

Keyword Phrase Selection:

After you've signed up for Search Optimizers' service, you'll have a phone meeting with our in-house Keyword Phrase expert to carefully select your core keywords. This is a crucial part of the process and the initial keyword choice depends on both its match for your business and on your site’s authority in the search engines.

Initial Optimization:

The Search Optimizers Operations Team will take your keyword phrases and begin the initial benchmarking and site optimization. Our background and experience guides exactly how we plan to roll out your optimization over time. Sensitive to the search engines' algorithms, we stay completely in alignment.

Ongoing Optimization:

Our Operations Team will track and adjust strategies for each keyword phrase using our 100+ techniques on a daily-weekly basis. Each keyword phrase is optimized in context with what the search engines are expecting based on the other sites that are ranked well for those phrases.

Monthly Rankings Reports:

You receive monthly rankings reports for each of your Keyword Phrases (both Focus and Halo Phrases). As time goes on, our team will target rankings for additional related phrases (we call them Halo Phrases) at no cost to you. There is no limit to the number of Halo Phrases you can have. Over time, our customers get hundreds and even thousands of different phrases that drive traffic to their sites.

What if our FREE analysis shows SEO is not a good fit? Unlike other SEO firms, we do not push SEO when the time is not right. We have a deep and vast network of partners that may be the right next step for you. We're happy to make the introduction.

Search engine algorithms change constantly and, thus, so do we; our data and processes keep perfectly in-step while continually tracking a moving target. We began performing SEO for companies in 1997, the year before Google was incorporated. We've adapted and thrived in booms, busts and through thousands of algorithm changes, but we're most proud of our hundreds of results-driven success stories.

“Thank you for your free analysis for my client. They were so surprised to learn that their website was not addressing broad keywords that they covet. Your report really opened their eyes. Thanks!”

Natasha Darling, Principal, American Gothic

“With Search Optimizers, we closed a major contract in a diversified industry. They found us using a major keyword on Google that Search Optimizers suggested to us during set up. This new client will generate enough income to pay for our SEO services for many months to come.”

Erin Boyd, Verify Inc. - Director of Marketing

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