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For over 13 years, Bungee America has counted on Search Optimizers to keep its site at the top of the rankings and send business their way.


Bungee America is Hollywood's most experienced bungee stunt company and has completed thousands of jumps all over the world. Back in 2000, Bungee America advertised in 50 different Yellow Pages® directories, plus brochure racks and newspapers. The directories were expensive and just didn't provide the exposure the company was looking for. Bungee America also had a website that effectively displayed its services, but the directories were not sending people to the site.


Focusing on SEO allowed Bungee America to capture the attention of people who were already using the search engines in droves to find bungee jumping companies. When Bungee America signed up with Search Optimizers, they discovered a very wide variety of phrasing and terminology being used to search for bungee activities. Popular and frequently-searched Focus Phrases were chosen strategically to have maximum variety in order to support large numbers of Halo Phrases.


Over time, the effort was so successful that Bungee America was able to discontinue all of the directory services and focus on making Bungee America's website welcoming and compelling for the multitude of searchers discovering it. Bungee America knows that high-end SEO is a forever service; with Google changing the algorithm 400-600 times per year, they know they'll ride the changes and still come out on top. In their most recent 5 years of service, they've gone from 118 to 290 total top-30 rankings and from 68 to 196 top-3 positions. Continual high-end optimization lets them cover all areas of their business, stay on top of market trends and keep gaining ground.

“I don't know what we would have done without Search Optimizers. They've gotten us through some tough times, and now, we're flying! During the last 12 months, 8,651 keyword phrases brought 79,879 visits to our website, and 70% were from new visitors. Search Optimizers has proved themselves by building our business, and that's why they have been managing our SEO campaign for over 13 years.”

Ron, Bungee America

Total Google Visibility (TGV) is calculated by adding up the monthly search counts (Google, Phrase Match) for all keywords that the website is ranked on page-1 for in Google. This provides an estimate of the number of searchers who see the client’s website in the search results each month.

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