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Affordable SEO That Works

Search Optimizers is an SEO-only company in business since 1997. We get websites to rank organically for valuable phrases to drive quality website visitors and leads. A trusted SEO solution provider, we partner with marketing professionals who choose to outsource to SEO specialists. We think like the search engines so you don’t have to!

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We partner with marketing professionals by providing unbranded, free SEO assessments on your prospects’ or clients’ websites to help you win business. Our insightful assessments can give you a competitive edge, making your proposals to prospects and clients more compelling.

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SEO Service & Price

Our service includes on-site SEO, technical SEO and select elements of off-site SEO. We are an economical SEO solution at $950 per month plus one-time setup of $2500. Our ranking results are proven and are typically better than other higher priced providers. Our service includes a guarantee.

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Free Assessments

Our “powerful” SEO website assessments are free and provide a clear analysis of the phrases ranking and leads captured in the past 30 days. Our free assessments require only a URL and include a complementary 15-minute zoom call to share results and valuable insights. 

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Getting Started

Starting our service is easy! We perform two assessments pre-sales to determine if your website is a good candidate for our service. Once qualified, we present a proposal. When the proposal is accepted and logins collected, our team can begin optimization within 5 business days.

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What is High Value SEO?

SEO is of high value when you can see an increase in rankings month-over-month for valuable phrases (such as lead generation phrases) and when those rankings are driving new qualified organic visitors to your website. When performed properly SEO is the most cost-effective, scalable form of lead generation available. Our high value SEO is the solution to your organic ranking problems!

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Our Results

Every client has a unique website and competitive landscape. Our SEO is customized to address issues specific to your website and to strategically go after valuable phrases that are important to your business. Our SEO results make a demonstrable difference in the livelihood of our clients' businesses.

See a few client results below:

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In first 12 months:

  • Increased page 1 rankings 114%
  • Increased new organic traffic by 115%
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In first 12 months:

  • Increased page 1 rankings 1200%
  • Increased new organic traffic by 72%
Pet Greens logo

In first 12 months:

  • Increased page 1 rankings 344%
  • Increased new organic traffic by 99%